This is not an exhaustive list, but drawn from programmes over the last few years.
Various other things we have done in rehearsal but not performed (yet).

Title Composer
A Little Pretty Bonny Lass Farmer
Adieu Sweet Amaryllis Wilbye
Adieu Ye City-Prisoning Towers Tomkins
All At Once Well Met Weelkes
All Creatures Now Bennet
Amor Vittorioso Gastoldi
April Is In My Mistress Face Morley
As Vesta was from Latmos Hill descending Weelkes
Bonjour Lasso
Can't Buy Me Love Lennon & McCartney
Come Away Sweet Love Greaves

Many thanks from the group to all who have contributed regularly or occasionally over the years:
In no particular order, current members * ...

Soprano Alto Tenor Bass
Belinda Ford*
Jane Walker*
Beth Whitby*
Vicki Jones*
Ellie Hyde
Rachel Stalley
Josie Peddie
Lesley Thomas
Lesley Chaplin
Jane Seymour
Julia Booker
Erica Eloff
Melanie Fone*
Judith Pritchard*
Catherine Wanless*
Anna Trocme-Latter
Sylvia Hickson
Alison Evans
Jean Lowery
Simon Shaw*
Nigel Wills*
Chris Bond
Tony Evans
Paul Iddenten*
Alex Cutbill*
Alan Gwynn*
Tom Toy*
Andy Hyde
Don Hickson
Tom Lowe
Peter Soul


Done off the top of my head so I do hope I haven't forgotten anyone!  If I have, please do remind me!